From myStake to BOULEVARD.

BOULEVARD (formerly myStake) was founded in 2017 and is the leading end-to-end digital company registry and investor relations platform specifically designed for the private company sector. BOULEVARD enables companies to efficiently manage shareholder equity, capital tables and investor relations.

Uniquely built on Digital Asset Modelling Language (DAML), BOULEVARD allows company history to be hosted into an immutable audit trail (AuditChain) essential to liquidity, growth and successful company exits. The platform is also securely integrated with ASICLink which automates ASIC filings to ensure compliance requirements are met on-time. Create value for your shareholders through better engagement and communicating with them directly.

Why is myStake rebranding to BOULEVARD?

BOULEVARD is the next generation share registry and investor relations platform that will replace myStake. Built by the same team as myStake, it seeks to incorporate all the feedback given over the last 3 years into a platform that is faster, easier to use, and with improved technology. The goal is to give customers and users of myStake a platform that better meets their needs.

The reason for changing the name to BOULEVARD is due to our desire to better communicate our focus on helping companies on their growth journey. The word “boulevard” refers to a kind of street that connects points of interest. In our case, the points of interest are the stages of growth companies go through. Examples include fundraises, acquisitions, and different kinds of exit such as IPO or trade sale. Our goal with BOULEVARD is to provide the infrastructure that connects these stages.

My shares are in myStake – what will happen to me?

We are working with all our customers on migrating their existing myStake data to BOULEVARD. This means that you will receive a notification from the companies in which you have invested in, informing you when your holdings become accessible in BOULEVARD and inviting you to the platform. No actions are required on your part with the migration to BOULEVARD and you will still be able to access your holdings in myStake in the interim.

What are the extra features companies and investors can use in BOULEVARD?

With BOULEVARD, we have incorporated the feedback from myStake to improve the company and their shareholder experience.

For companies, we are introducing key improvements in the areas of compliance, investor relations, and auditability of corporate action data. With ASICLink, we have expanded on our integration with ASIC’s company database to enable greater transparency around what data is held by ASIC, as well as to simplify the filing process. With investor relations, we are introducing greater visibility and reporting around communications to shareholders and their engagement with the company portal through our new Shareholder Relationship Management tools. As the only registry entirely built on the ASX’s new distributed ledger platform, BOULEVARD provides companies with an immutable, independently verifiable timeline of historical actions. These new features will enable companies and their trusted advisors to automate their processes, cut down on administration, and enable faster due-diligence processes.

For shareholders, we have simplified their experience to get them to the information they need faster. The shareholder portal now displays all key information around their holdings and transactions for a company on one page. Shareholders can download holding statements that include their holdings, current valuation, and full transaction history as a PDF document to make tax-time reporting easy. Finally, all communications from the company will also be distributed by email, ensuring shareholders never miss anything.

Of course this is only the start, and we intend to continue to roll out additional features to build on BOULEVARD’s current feature set. Planned features being released over the next few months will include additional asset registers, employee stock option plans, and more resources for company directors and their trusted advisors. We are very excited to be launching BOULEVARD and cannot wait to have you experience it.