Our Platform

Our solutions are designed to simplify and automate managing your share register and communicating with your investors.

Secure integration with ASICLink helps keep you compliant.

Our platform provides a secure connection directly to ASIC. Automated ASIC filings ensure that compliance requirements are met on-time and late fees and fines are avoided.

Increase visibility with an accurate share register

Having a cloud-based, single source of truth for a company’s share register provides office holders with full visibility of who owns equity. It also securely tracks, and records share movements.

Issue and transfer shares with ease

BOULEVARD provides one place for companies to manage new share issues and transfer shares between investors. You can create multiple share classes, adjust the price of shares and track share price history.

Complete records of every transaction with AuditChain®

The platform records transactions, company updates and investor communications. You will have a digital audit trail if and when you need it.

Company dashboard makes updates and tracking simple

A single dashboard that delivers faster access to equity data, key company and shareholder details. Easy access to intuitive workflows makes complex tasks quick and simple.

Create value for shareholders through better engagement

Engage and communicate directly with your shareholders. The platform allows you to send investor updates and announcements to your entire shareholder base. You can also provide individual investors with a complete view of their holdings and access to important documents.