Share register + investor relations

Enabling unlisted companies to efficiently manage their shareholder register and investor relations – in a central secure platform


ASICLink – Secure ASIC integration keeps you compliant.

Increase visibility with an accurate share register.
Issue and transfer shares with ease.
AuditChain– Instantly produce an audit trail to save time.

Company dashboard makes tracking performance simple.
Create value for shareholders through better engagement.

Our Pricing



Simple fixed pricing with
no long term commitment.

Customer insightS

Australian Mortgage

“At Australian Mortgage we value compliant, secure and customer led services. That is why it is great to work with BOULEVARD to ensure we uphold our values for our shareholders. The BOULEVARD platform ensures the transparent and clear communication of information with our shareholders, including announcements and anytime access to statements.”

Luke Andersen – Director & CTO

Komo Energy

“BOULEVARD has integrated seamlessly with our crowd equity raise we undertook on Birchal to provide us with ongoing share registry services. The new BOULEVARD platform is such a step-up on the earlier platform. Well done BOULEVARD team!”

Gerald Arends – Director
Renewable Energy – Lawyer, Advisor, Entrepreneur, Educator


“We were looking for a registry that maintains a security standard and allows secure automated ASIC filings. With BOULEVARD’s distributed ledger technology, information is secure in an immutable data trail ensuring auditable and traceable transactions. Most importantly we were looking for the best platform for helping us know that we are best serving our shareholders.”

Bruce Muirhead – Founder & CEO

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